[Entry nutrition soup recipes]_How to eat_How to eat

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[Entry nutrition soup recipes]_How to eat_How to eat

After the operation, people will feel very weak and have low resistance. At this time, they need to supplement their bodies with excess nutrients, and they can drink more soup. These are very beneficial.It is digestible, but it is best not to drink some greasy soup at first, but you can drink some clear soup, so that it will not increase the load on your digestive tract.

The large amount of moisture and long-lasting cooking make the soup mix a lot of flavor and aroma ingredients.

Depending on the seasoning, the soup can have appetizers, main dishes, hydration, and tiredness.

Foods that are very light in taste, such as tofu, rice noodles, and shark fin, are often served with fresh soup.

Some leftovers that are not suitable for direct consumption pass through the soup, especially the boiled clear soup, and are fully utilized.

For example, Beijing roast duck is often filled with soup made from duck skeleton at the end.

Chinese dishes may be served at any time during the meal, while Western dishes are served at the beginning, followed by appetizers.

Japan and the Korean Peninsula are eating and drinking soup.

Most soups are seasoned with salty flavors, and a few are sweet (sweet soups, such as fruit soups, white fungus lotus seeds), and some are not seasoned (such as rice soup).

Commonly eaten while hot, Spanish frozen soup, some borscht, etc. are eaten after cooling.

From the ingredients are divided into broth (including animal and poultry), seafood soup, vegetarian soup.

From the taste, there are clear soup, thick soup with a lot of solid suspended matter, and milky milk soup.

The milk soup in European level mostly uses cow’s milk or whipped cream. Chinese food called milk soup does not use dairy products, but extracts suspended particles from other animal substances to form a milky shape.

In Guangzhou, China, the soup that has been cooked for a long time is called “Old Fire Soup”.

Laohuo soup is usually considered to have higher nutritional content.

Soups are usually more viscous than water and have a thick mouthfeel.

Common ingredients that can make soups thicker and thicker: solid suspensions, such as frangipani, pulped vegetables.

Suspended aunt particles, such as milk soup.

Starch, such as potato, buckwheat, rice.

Proteins, especially collagen, are often stewed with a certain amount of bones, skins, and hoofs.