[Dangers of women not eating rice]_Women_Impact

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[Dangers of women not eating rice]_Women_Impact

We all know that in the north and south of Washington, the southerners love rice and the northerners love wheat, but the cultural differences between the north and the south are not particularly large. Rice and flour are staple foods on the table. Some women feel that they are staple foods to lose weightThe energy contained in it is relatively large, so do not eat staple food or rice, so for women, is there any harm in not eating rice?

The following editors will introduce to people who have caused stomach problems in the past. People who have been found to have stomach problems many times will be very aware of it, but nowadays, stomach problems have become a common and widespread disease. Even people who have stomach problems are found. PeopleI wo n’t feel surprised. Many people do n’t eat now, especially the girls ‘own physical fitness is relatively poor. If they do n’t eat, they can easily cause serious stomach problems.

  People with stomach problems may show obvious symptoms of stomach pain or gastric ulcers, and may cause severe chronic stomach diseases, eventually leading to gastric cancer or gastric tumors. These conditions are likely to occur.Do not think that you are far away.

  Some women who may suffer from anorexia are losing weight by not eating at the beginning, and found that this method does have a certain effect, so they began to fall in love with this weight loss method, and they did gain weight.Improve, people often think that this way is the best way to lose weight, but actually it is not.

  During the dieting process, people ‘s body is constantly adjusted. Some women vomit every time they eat something, so these women suffer from severe anorexia, and every time they eatYou will have severe stomach pain, and you can’t help but want to spit out everything you eat.

  Resulting in physical overdraft Although everyone’s physical quality is different, in fact, someone’s body always goes to a relatively balanced state, so as to ensure that people can move normally every day.

  But for some people who often do not eat regularly, their bodies have been completely overdrawn. When they are young, it may not have much effect if they do not eat a meal or two, but they will find that with ageThe things that were originally engaged will have a certain impact on their own body. Some people will not overeat for a long time, which will cause their bodies to overdraw and eventually cause serious illness.