[Difference between squid and octopus]_squid_octopus_difference

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[Difference between squid and octopus]_squid_octopus_difference

Some friends are not sure about squid and octopus, and some also think that these two are a kind of creature, but they are not.

For the difference between squid and octopus, you can use the difference on the outline.

The squid has ten tentacles, while the octopus has only eight.

Squids living in the sea are called cuttlefish, and there are many people who can easily carry out octopus and squid. In fact, the two types are not the same. In our lives, the difference between squid and octopus must be clear.Understanding, otherwise, it will have a certain impact on our purchase of squid and octopus.

The difference between squid and octopus is relatively large. In fact, squid and ordinary octopus have a very essential difference, and the appearance of other such fish is also different.

However, none of us can mix these two factors with each other.

Because it is similar in many aspects, some kind of, when we attack, we are all inkjet, so too many people will get it wrong.

The real name of squid is squid, also known as flower branch, cuttlefish or cuttlefish. Squid is a branch of squid.

Squid is a mollusk cephalopod squid.

When the squid meets a strong enemy, it will use “jetting” as an escape method and wait for the machine to leave. Therefore, it has the names “squid” and “cuttlefish”.

There are pigmented sacs in the skin that change color and size as the “mood” changes.

The octopus, also known as Shiju, octopus, sits, sucks, looks at the tide, and dead cow. It belongs to Octopoda of the mollusc cephalopods.

The octopus has eight wrists and feet, and there are many suckers on the wrists and feet; sometimes black ink is sprayed to help escape.

Some octopuses have quite developed brains that can distinguish themselves in the mirror; they can also walk out of the labyrinth designed by scientists and eat the crabs in the labyrinth.

Also a fan of artist articles.

The difference between squid and octopus is relatively large, and squid is a kind of squid. Squid has ten hands, while octopus has only eight hands.

Both of the same are inkjet and can change color. For this situation, we must understand that it is the most important point to make a difference.