[How to eat licorice tablets for cough]

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[How to eat licorice tablets for cough]

Licorice tablets should be very common in everyone’s daily life, because it is not only cheap, but its efficacy is also very obvious.

Licorice tablets are mainly made by mixing Chinese herbal medicine, licorice and other substances, so licorice tablets have the effects of licorice and phlegm elimination.

And the taste of licorice is very special, and anyone who has smelled it should remember it.

So is it good for you to take licorice tablets while a person is coughing?

Can Compound Licorice Tablets Cough?

Licorice drugs are suitable for common dry cough.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that licorice is beneficial for qi and tonic, relieves pain, relieves lungs and coughs, purifies fire and detoxifies, and reconciles the effects of various medicines.

Western medicine has also proven that licorice has anti-arrhythmia, anti-ulcer, and inhibits gastric acid secretion, which can relieve acute muscle tension and analgesic effect.

Wu Junyan, deputy director of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out that the main component of glycyrrhizin is glycyrrhizic acid, and the potassium and calcium salts of glycyrrhizin are commonly known as “glycyrrhizin,” which have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.It is anti-allergic, protects the inflamed throat and tracheal mucosa, resists diuresis, lowers blood sugar, protects liver and adrenocortical hormone-like effects, and is often a compound preparation made with other ingredients.

The main ingredients of compound licorice tablets are licorice extract powder, opium powder, camphor, star anise oil and so on.

Licorice extract has the function of promoting the secretion of throat and bronchus, making sputum easy to come out.

Opioids have analgesic, sedative, and antitussive effects.

These ingredients have antitussive and expectorant effects.

“Compound licorice is not suitable for any kind of cough.

Wu Junyan pointed out that because the compound licorice tablet is a mucosal protective antitussive, it mainly exerts antitussive effect by covering the stimulation of local nerve endings. Therefore, it has better curative effect on uncomplicated dry cough, and is not suitable forIn case of cough with sputum.

Can licorice tablets be eaten for a long time?

It must be impossible.

Although it is said that licorice tablets can effectively suppress cough, it is a prominent effect for antiviral and anti-inflammatory treatments, because licorice tablets contain an important cough suppressant, which is opium powder, which is now called opium. In fact, thisThe most important role of this ingredient is central antitussive, and long-term use will easily cause adverse reactions in the human body. This kind of cold sweat and runny nose are interchangeable.

Harm of taking licorice for a long time Singing and eating licorice tablets will lead to a decrease in male sexual abilities, that is, it will increase weight. Taking licorice tablets for a long time will cause some alternatives such as gastric ulcers.

How to take licorice tablets correctly The continuous use of licorice tablets is best not to exceed seven days, because people who eat licorice tablets for a long time are very addicted, especially after taking licorice tablets continuously for more than one week, it is prone to adverse symptoms such as cough.The body began to sweat, even continuous yawning, even severe diarrhea, and when you were restless, you should stop taking the medicine immediately, and if necessary, you should take the medicine according to your doctor’s advice.

Although licorice can alleviate the coughing symptoms of the human body, the long-term use of drugs can cause some to the body and is easily addicted, so everyone should pay attention to the dosage when taking licorice tablets, and do not exceed seven daysOnce over seven days, it will cause some adverse reactions in the body, sometimes severe diarrhea or even some physical discomfort. Be careful when you encounter this situation. It is necessary to stop the medication decisively when you have severe physical symptoms.